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    • Eternally Focused
      Reading about this kind of crazy love Francis has for Lisa is quite extraordinary. Often times we are compelled to have a Christ-centered relationship, but what does that really look like? It looks weird… really weird. From what I see in the Scriptures, it is extreme and counter-cultural.
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      In under a hundred pages, R. Albert Mohler Jr. reveals a rising threat to the Christian faith – the New Atheist.
    • 18 Years
      I just found out that my family friend, who I refer to as Uncle Ed, spent eighteen years in prison in China when he was younger. He could have spent zero years if he just renounced his faith.
  • ♫ Lament

    Yesterday I came home and found a little package waiting for me. I couldn’t remember what I had bought, so I tore open the envelope to find Tim Be Told’s latest album. After wrestling with the plastic wrapper for a moment, I took out the disc and slid it into my Mac. I followed the lyrics on the insert as the music played.

    I reached the sixth track and hit loop. The song was Lament, written by Tim as a tribute to his friend.

    He doesn’t sing about God’s great power or burst out in love. Nor does he mindlessly claim to take up his own cross and give it all. Instead, his words are deathly honest. Desolation leaks from his heart, revealing the anguish within.

    It reminds me of the various authors in Psalms who do the same. They literally cry out in despair, wondering why God lets horrible things happen to them and to those they love. In the end, they circle back to the core of their faith, depending on Him for everything good.

    We need more honest music, and we need to stop singing songs that don’t resonate with our hearts. I need to stop singing songs that don’t resonate with my heart.

    Here is Lament, available in their newly released album, Humanity.

    You say you are jealous, You say you are kind.
    But the jealous part seems to win all the time.
    If you’re so mighty why do you break
    The weak and the weary and steal what they make?

    You say you’re forgiving, that you’ll not forsake.
    But you punched me out when I made a mistake.
    I try to find beauty in the mess that you made
    But you just stayed angry and never forgave.

    Yes, we know you are great,
    But is a bad God better than none?
    How much more will it take to undo the damage that you have done?
    ‘Cause the wicked and wayward continue to thrive,
    And the modest continue giving their lives,
    Oh the faithful never survive.
    Oh the faithful never survive.

    You’re the Almighty, so I am afraid.
    You crushed me to pieces and stole what I made.
    A hopeless delusion
    is a righteous man’s faith.
    I don’t know how much more I can take.

    God are you listening?
    Please hear my cry!
    I don’t really believe
    You’re more cruel than you’re kind.
    But I’m getting tired of repeating this line
    That the faithful never survive.

    Yes, we know you are great,
    That you’re a good God, and you are love.
    How much more will it take
    To undo the damage that I have done!
    Please conquer these demons
    And the darkness inside–
    Shine your light
    On this cold heart of mine.
    Maybe my faith will survive.

    Song posted with permission from Tim Be Told’s manager, Mark Sprenkle.

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