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    • Worldliness
      Curious how ten little words can weave into the ugly depths of my soul.
    • Spiritual Gifts
      To quote myself in a chat with Krystal, “Life would be much easier if spiritual gifts were like… flying and stuff.”
    • The Blame Game
      A hardhearted fool plays the blame game. Because the game doesn't stop at grade school.
  • atheism REMIX

    atheism REMIXIn under a hundred pages, R. Albert Mohler Jr. reveals a rising threat to the Christian faith – the New Atheist. Individuals under this label are on a quest to destroy Christianity from head to toe. Richard Dawkins, a prominent figure of the group, is known for his book The God Delusion, a long diatribe written to decry Christianity as nothing more than a disease to be extinguished.

    Check out atheism REMIX, where Dr. Mohler outlines the New Atheist movement, their assault on theism, how to defend theism, and where we must stand in the future of Christianity.

    Indeed, you will have to read the book to find out more about it, because I am going to deviate from the subject. What struck me most in atheism REMIX has very little do to with the book itself.

    So I digress.

    In his writing, Dr. Mohler quotes Alister McGrath, the author of The Dawkins Delusion:

    “Dawkins and I have thus traveled in totally different directions, but for substantially the same reasons. We are both Oxford academics who love the natural sciences. Both of us believe passionately in evidence-based thinking and are critical of those who hold passionate beliefs for inadequate reasons. We would both like to think that we would change our minds about God if the evidence demanded it. Yet, on the basis of our experience and analysis of the same world, we have reached radically different conclusions about God.”

    So here we have two Oxford brainiacs with expertise in the field of science. In their early lives, they were both vocal atheists. Today, one defies God with zeal and the other defends God with fervor.

    I have always known that faith in God is ultimately a heart issue and not an intellectual one. But now my realization of that statement has fully bloomed. It gives me all the more reason to pray that my friends will have hearts of good soil.

    I guess we can pray for Dawkins too. It seems like he’s the last person in the world who would ever come to know Christ for who He really is. But God’s done some pretty cool and amazing things in the past, so we might as well, right?