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  • Ernest Liked a Girl

    Once upon a time, Ernest liked a girl. She was pretty and wicked intelligent. So Ernest thought to himself, “Hmmm… could it be? I gotta get to know her better!” So that he did, and he fell in like with her. Jane was her name.

    But then he noticed something… something that would complicate his pursuit. He noticed that one of his friends, Matthaios, also had affection for Jane. But Ernest wasn’t super sure, so he decided to have a chat with Matthaios. After all, God calls His people to strive for a high level of unity, and the last thing Ernest wanted was to jeopardize his friendship with Matthaios over a legit girl.

    So Ernest talked with Matthaios, and Matthaios admitted that he had a thing for legit girl. Love triangle confirmed. And Matthaios was honest… he said it would be hard for him to treat Ernest the same. But Ernest understood and did his best to continue showing brotherly love to Matthaios.

    In order to proceed with wisdom (Proverbs 19:20), Ernest often sought advice from his friend Pericles. Ernest knew his judgement was clouded whenever it came to wicked intelligent girl, and Pericles was very supportive in helping Ernest process his thoughts. It turns out that Matthaios also sought advice from Pericles. Smart man.

    Then Ernest and Matthaios both cannonballed into the water. They both asked Jane if she was down for more!

    Her Answers

    She told Matthaios no.

    She told Ernest no.

    Wait, there’s more! The love triangle was a lie. It was a love square.

    She told Pericles yes.

    Well, not quite. She actually kind of told him no, because she felt under-qualified.

    Before we go on, remember that Jane is wicked intelligent. She is very methodical and convicted in her beliefs. No one trumps wicked intelligent girl.

    Upon talking to Ernest on a later date, Jane told Ernest that Pericles was out of her league. She had the utmost respect for him, and thought that perhaps, just perhaps, he could do better. Ernest was utterly confused about her logic, so he inquired,

    “Do you truly respect him and trust in his opinion?”

    Jane responded, “Yes, of course.”

    Ernest reasoned, “Then shouldn’t you trust in him if he chooses you?”

    Jane gaped. Ernest did it. He trumped wicked intelligent girl. Effectively, Ernest convinced the girl he cherished that another man was right for her.

    Years Later…

    Ernest and Matthaios found themselves standing up on stage facing the bride and the groom. Jane was marrying Pericles, and the two prior suitors were groomsmen. They stood up there because they were all close friends, because they refused to let their feelings compromise their unity under Christ, and because they trusted in God’s plans. All were content.


    This is the power of living according to the Word, one that compels us to live peaceably with those around us (Romans 12:18). Furthermore, we read in Matthew 5:23-24,

    So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

    Wait… just ditch your offering and go reconcile with your brother? Did Jesus seriously say that? Does He really value church unity that much?

    Yes, it appears that He does. After all, how can we, in good faith, worship God when we’ve forsaken unity with our siblings? Would you truly dare sing to Him and give Him your money if you haven’t put effort towards living peaceably with His people?

    By no means! We must keep our eyes on the gospel and work together to make disciples of all nations! We must never let our love life, as pursuer or the pursuee, get in the way of our friendship and brotherhood as children of Christ.


    Jane, Matthaios, and Pericles – Ernest thanks you for your genuine efforts in preserving true friendship. He thanks you for not allowing the love square to inhibit his worship of God. Furthermore, he thanks you for strengthening his relationship with Christ! He also thinks you’re all crazy for choosing these names for his blog post.