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  • Happy Birthday to Me!

    At midnight, some friends popped into my house with a birthday card and a raspberry cheesecake. They took a candle and lit it with the stove fire I was cooking on and stuck it in the cake as they sang. Then I noticed that I actually owned this cheesecake! I had left it in the church freezer, and someone thought it’d be brilliant to take it out and serve me my own cake.

    To be honest, I almost forgot about my own birthday. I didn’t realize it was coming up until a friend reminded me. I remember the days when I would count down to April 25th, my special day with friends and presents. I could relish the newfound respect as everyone acknowledged my age counter tick up.

    The irony is that even with the lack of excitement nowadays, each passing birthday is much more meaningful. It is a reminder of the years God has given me to serve Him here on Earth, and it is a hope I will have many more years to prepare for eternity! Truth be told, the impact of that statement depends on how big or small your view of God is.

    Preparing for Eternity

    I have friends, even believers, that probably think I’m crazy trying to prepare for eternity. But what blows my mind is how many people spend their lives preparing for a few luxurious years here on Earth. Our time on this planet is moot compared to forever. In the grand scheme of the universe that revolves around our Creator, spending all my days glorifying Him is the only sensible thing to do. One day, I want to hear the all-powerful God tell me “Well done, good and faithful servant.” And I want to see all of you there, ready to hear the same. That’s why I constantly pray for my friends and colleagues, believer or not.

    I have friends who surprise me year after year. I have friends who’ll wake me up by spamming my phone with Gchat notifications wishing me a happy birthday. I have a family that wants to grab a meal with me to celebrate. If you wished me a happy birthday, then your wish came true. I am abundantly happy for all of you, and above all, for my living God that has entrusted me with more time to prepare for eternity.