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    • The Blame Game
      A hardhearted fool plays the blame game. Because the game doesn't stop at grade school.
    • Lordship Salvation vs Free Grace
      Why is this topic so important to you? Does it affect the way you’ll live your life as one called to love God?
    • Happy Birthday to Me!
      To be honest, I almost forgot about my own birthday. I didn't realize it was coming up until a friend reminded me. I remember the days when I would count down to April 25th, my special day with friends and presents. I could relish the newfound respect as everyone acknowledged my age counter tick up. The irony is that…
  • If My Words Abide in You

    Two weeks ago, I saw this video for the first time. I was dazzled. His words had me suspended in disbelief, amazed that a man could do this.

    Piper’s retention and deliverance of God’s word is amazing. It bares witness to the fiery passion in his heart. A passion ignited by God, one that blazes in loving warmth for the Father.

    Part of me wants to tribute his heavy scriptural memorization to his pastoral status. After all, it should be natural for someone leading the church. In order to teach about God, a pastor must keep scripture close to his heart, meditating on it day and night.

    Last December, I discovered that my friend Charlene had memorized the entire book of James. I then discovered that her pastor had retained over 1500 passages of scripture.

    To my shame, I grew up having memorized nothing more than John 3:16. It was an important verse, no doubt, but in no way did it encompass all the wonders God wants us to know about Him. I have only but begun to memorize scripture in hopes of alleviating my lack of Biblical wisdom.

    Some day… I want to be able to speak His words with fervor. I want to be able to deliver the Bible straight from my heart. I want to edify everyone with scripture, in any situation and in any place. And I want no other Christian to be amazed, hoping that they too will have hearts that overflow with His words. I want the body of Christ to be truly unified by the miracle of His book.

    If God is also convicting you in this area, I ask you to join me. Pick up the sword of the Spirit, so that we may strike at every temptation and every sin that comes our way. And we will fight for the rest of our lives, eyes fixed on the hope that awaits us.

    Watch the entire sermon here.

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