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    • Microwave that Burrito, Jesus
      Can Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that He cannot eat it? Think about it. If He is truly the omnipotent God of the Bible, then He should be able to zap that poor burrito so bad that Hell can’t handle it and He can’t eat it. Omnipotence means He has limitless power, after all.
    • Ernest Liked a Girl
      But then he noticed something… something that would complicate his pursuit. He noticed that one of his friends, Matthaios, also had affection for Jane. But Ernest wasn't super sure, so…
    • Work & Sex Slavery
      Human trafficking is an estimated $32-billion industry worldwide. It is the second most profitable business on the planet. About 20% of victims are forced into laborious slavery while the remaining 80% are forced into sexual slavery. The majority of victims are female, many of whom were deceived and forced into prostitution.
  • Lordship Salvation vs Free Grace

    I stepped in as a few Christians discussed a hot topic. Apparently Lordship Salvation vs Free Grace is a prominent debate in the Christian community – a surprising fact to me as I have never encountered the topic. After listening in on the conversation, here’s what I was able to pick up:

    Lordship Salvation claims that upon salvation through faith alone, a new spirit is given to the individual that causes him to bear fruit as a slave to righteousness.

    However, Free Grace claims that upon salvation through faith alone, a new spirit is given to the individual that causes him to bear fruit as a slave to righteousness.

    Wait a minute.

    … huh?

    Okay, so honestly I had a lot of trouble figuring out what the debate was about. As far as I could understand, both of them believe the same thing. Eventually, I decided to resort to my own expertise in deep analytical research (Google).

    Upon further investigation, I came across what appears to be the core of the debate – a gross misunderstanding.

    Some Free Grace Christians think Lordship Salvation claims that spiritual fruit must be visible to confirm salvation, or to bring it further, that works are required for salvation. True Lordship Salvation Christians, to my understanding, do not believe this (Ephesians 2:8-9). They merely stress that true believers will produce righteous fruit.

    Some Lordship Salvation Christians think Free Grace claims that salvation does not result in any natural change or convictions towards righteousness. True Free Grace Christians, to my understanding, do not believe this (Romans 6:18). They merely stress that lack of visible fruit does not negate salvation.

    Okay then. Debate debunked, unless I am missing some details that require further investigation (entirely possible). Otherwise, are we all happy now?

    If no, then I have these questions for you: Why is this topic so important to you? Does it affect the way you’ll live your life as one called to love God? Does it affect your responsibility to serve as His ambassador in your mission field? Does it affect the way you confront your Christian brothers and sister if you see them continually living in sin?

    If it affects your love for God, your service to Him, or your desire to build up other Christians, then you’ve got a much more serious matter you should be addressing.

    I discovered that a pastor had been shunning someone who claimed belief in Lordship Salvation. The pastor doesn’t even look this guy in the eye anymore. With all due respect, shame on this pastor. The issue here isn’t Lordship Salvation vs Free Grace. The issue is this pastor’s lack of love, one of the most basic commandments given by Christ. All pastors should have a clear understanding of love and the ability to show it. If anything, failure to repent from this should be enough to strip this pastor of his title.

    My personal conviction is that this topic is not worth much further discussion, as it has no effect on my ministry. I hereby declare myself a believer of Lordship Salvation through Free Grace.