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    • Persecution
      He’s had over 50 family members killed in the last couple of months, and they’re after him, ready to kill him.
    • I Almost Died Today
      No joke. A few minutes away from my exit on the freeway, I my car started making a clanking sound every time I accelerated. I turned off my exit as usual…
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      So here's the problem… I am fully convicted that I am a Christian that should actually be…
  • Microwave that Burrito, Jesus

    Can Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that He cannot eat it? Think about it. If He is truly the omnipotent God of the Bible, then He should be able to zap that poor burrito so bad that Hell can’t handle it and He can’t eat it. Omnipotence means He has limitless power, after all.

    The Rock

    This is a variation of the classic question, “Can God create a rock so heavy He cannot lift it?” It’s an attempt to dissolve the possibility of an all-powerful God. As classic as it is, I still find many Christians who have trouble tackling it. So let’s tackle it. The argument:

    1. Can God create a rock so heavy that He cannot lift it?
    2. If yes, then God is limited in strength (can’t lift the rock).
    3. If no, then God is limited in creation power (can’t make the rock).
    4. Either way, God is limited and therefore cannot be omnipotent.

    The counterargument is rather simple. Since God can lift a rock of any weight, no rock can exist that He cannot lift. Asking God to create what cannot exist is silly. The question is as nonsensical as “Can God make a square circle?” or “Can God toad an eleven?” Inability to accomplish the logically impossible does not limit His omnipotence, as the trait does not require Him to do such things.

    So no, Jesus cannot diabolically abuse any burrito ’til it is divinely inedible, because such a burrito cannot logically exist any more than a square circle can exist. The question is not really valid to begin with.

    Yes, God technically has limitations. He cannot do anything that contradicts His own nature. For example, He cannot lie because such an act conflicts with His righteousness. But turning water into wine and creating everything from nothing still ranks Him as omnipotent in my book.

    Question the Question

    confusedManI’ve noticed that apologetics is often tricky, since Christians get bombarded with questions that are intrinsically invalid. Recently a friend staggered when asked “Why do you need to add religion to your life to be moral?” As a Christian, we must recognize that we haven’t added anything to our lives. Why assume we have added anything? We simply recognize the reality of the living God who defines the morality by which we live. If anything, others have stripped God from their lives in attempt to escape true and absolute morality.

    We should always question the question before attempting to answer the question, because the question may be invalid or make false assumptions.

    The Beauty of Apologetics

    I am thankful for Christians who devote much of their time to the study of apologetics. They remind us that our faith is based on reality and rationality. Ultimately, they assure us that we believe in the truth, because we believe in Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6), and He is beautiful.

    Post sound familiar? This is an update to an old post.
    Happy Birthday to Me!

    At midnight, some friends popped into my house with a birthday card and a raspberry cheesecake. They took a candle and lit it with the stove fire I was cooking on and stuck it in the cake as they sang. Then I noticed that I actually owned this cheesecake! I had left it in the church freezer, and someone thought it’d be brilliant to take it out and serve me my own cake.

    To be honest, I almost forgot about my own birthday. I didn’t realize it was coming up until a friend reminded me. I remember the days when I would count down to April 25th, my special day with friends and presents. I could relish the newfound respect as everyone acknowledged my age counter tick up.

    The irony is that even with the lack of excitement nowadays, each passing birthday is much more meaningful. It is a reminder of the years God has given me to serve Him here on Earth, and it is a hope I will have many more years to prepare for eternity! Truth be told, the impact of that statement depends on how big or small your view of God is.

    Preparing for Eternity

    I have friends, even believers, that probably think I’m crazy trying to prepare for eternity. But what blows my mind is how many people spend their lives preparing for a few luxurious years here on Earth. Our time on this planet is moot compared to forever. In the grand scheme of the universe that revolves around our Creator, spending all my days glorifying Him is the only sensible thing to do. One day, I want to hear the all-powerful God tell me “Well done, good and faithful servant.” And I want to see all of you there, ready to hear the same. That’s why I constantly pray for my friends and colleagues, believer or not.

    I have friends who surprise me year after year. I have friends who’ll wake me up by spamming my phone with Gchat notifications wishing me a happy birthday. I have a family that wants to grab a meal with me to celebrate. If you wished me a happy birthday, then your wish came true. I am abundantly happy for all of you, and above all, for my living God that has entrusted me with more time to prepare for eternity.

    4 Thoughts on the Political Craze

    This year has been doused in fascinating politics. I’m not very political, but let’s face it–when a guy like Trump runs for office, the presidential race becomes much more interesting.

    Here are some thoughts I’ve had in regards to the political craze.

    The Who

    Who you vote for does not directly reflect your heart. Let’s face it–there is no utopian candidate. None will flawlessly reflect all of your deepest desires. A Christian who votes for a pro-abortionist candidate does not necessarily support abortion. They simply believe that their candidate is the best overall fit to lead the country. Even God chose sinful people like Samson to be a judge of Israel, and that guy was a train-wreck. The point: don’t inappropriately judge a brother simply because his candidate holds some non-Biblical values.

    voterThe How

    But how you decide to vote does reflect your heart. How has your explicit duty to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20) affected your vote? Make no mistake–our nation is not a Christian one. And while it is not our duty to convert our country into a theocracy, it is our duty to vote in light of the gospel. Our marks on the ballot should be filtered by our desire for people to know and love God.

    If your vote is mainly driven by personal or national power and wealth and honor, with no desire to spread the love of God, then your heart belongs to the world. The things you cherish most are temporal. Jesus urged us to lay up treasures in Heaven and not on Earth (Matthew 6:19-21). True evangelicals obey Jesus.

    Vote for the sake of the gospel.

    The Poor

    If you are a Christian, you are not allowed to neglect the poor. You are not even allowed to make excuses for neglecting the poor. And I know some Christians who are very good at it.

    “Where have we any command in the Bible laid down in stronger terms, and in a more peremptory urgent manner, than the command of giving to the poor?”
    –Jonathan Edwards (link)

    Edwards surfaced the importance of this obligation. If you are rich and you prioritize candidates to help you store up riches on Earth and neglect the poor, you should be afraid. Very afraid, because God unleashes His cosmic wrath on the wicked (Matthew 25:41-46).

    Yes, we need to be smart with how we help the poor, and we need to distinguish the genuinely poor from those who simply want more lavish lives and therefore labels themselves as “poor.” We also need to recognize that poverty is a complex issue amongst many others to be considered. But if genuine care for the poor has no weight on the way you vote, then be very afraid.

    The President

    “Then who should I vote for, Ernest?”

    Sorry, you gotta figure that out for yourself. I’m still figuring it out. Politics is a crazy complicated subject. But hey, at least the Bible gives us a clue about who to avoid. So I leave you with this:

    But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Vote such people into office. Avoid such people.

    –2 Timothy 3:1-5

    Work & Sex Slavery

    Human trafficking is an estimated $32-billion industry worldwide. It is the second most profitable business on the planet. About 20% of victims are forced into laborious slavery while the remaining 80% are forced into sexual slavery. The majority of victims are female, many of whom were deceived and forced into prostitution.

    Much of our world’s economy revolves around savages abusing women whose existence are reduced to fulfilling the sexual whims of promiscuous men. Others are brutally forced to work for decades to pay off unreasonable debts. This is sickening, and it is evidence that we live in a disgustingly fallen world.

    Running Against Traffick

    I have teamed up with eleven other runners to raise awareness for the victims of human trafficking. We are Running Against Traffick, and we have partnered with International Justice Mission (IJM) to help those who are trapped in slavery. To date, IJM has relieved over 23,000 people from oppression, helped train over 13,000 officers, and convicted over 900 offenders.


    • Billy • Ernest • Ruth • Crystal
    • Donald • Matt • Kitty • Heather
    • Nathan • Howard • Amy • Laura
    Volunteers: • Kai • Heather • Michelle

    We wish to help in the effort to free captives of human trafficking and strike down the villains who operate these brothels. This is our way of loving those made in God’s image. We hope to see people freed from human bondage where the gospel rarely reaches so that one day, they may hear the gospel and be freed from the bondage of sin.

    Help Us Fight!

    Join us in the fight against human trafficking! You can help by supporting our team! We are hoping to raise $2000 in about a month. Actually, we’re hoping to raise even more, and with your help, we can do it. Either share this post, donate to the cause, or do both!

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