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    Eight weeks ago, a woman who had been deaf since birth received a hearing implant. For the first time in 29 years, Sarah Churman was able to hear her own voice.

    There’s an explosion in the video comments in regards to why her speech is so clear despite her inability to hear. Churman explains:

    My whole life I’ve been complimented on how well I speak. I don’t really have an answer for you other than I have always had a passion for reading, grammar, and English. My hearing loss was/is considered severe to profound. I’ve worked very hard to be able to interact and blend in…only thing I can say is “God is good.”

    It’s wonderful to see someone giving glory to God even after He withheld the gift of sound from her for such a long time. This is a great reflection of the beggar Jesus healed in John 9, a man who was born blind so that “the works of God might be displayed in him.”

    What bothers me is this… many have taken this as an opportunity to scoff at God. Just skim through the comments on the video:

    • Awesome! This is what science does for us. Not God. Not the spirits. Not the priests, but s-c-i-e-n-c-e. Go, humans!

    • “God” doesn’t exist. Sorry for being the one to tell you. Maybe you can find solace in Santa or the Tooth Fairy?

    • That’s the beauty of atheism: if I got cancer (probably, ’cause we all are going to get that), I know I’d be *** up. Now what YOU would do? Pray? Yeah, good luck with that. I’m almost sure your God will save you. ;-)

    • God can suck it; Science FTW!

    It’s sort of my instinct to jump on the apologetics train. But truth be told, anyone can logically analyze the situation for a moment and conclude that nothing here negates the possibility of God’s intervention. God does not need to meet anyone face-to-face or make His actions obvious to be involved.

    With that in mind, I addressed a more important matter. As a follower of Christ, how am I supposed to react to all of this? The main issue here isn’t that these individuals do not believe in God. It is that their heart tells them to deny God, to bask in the belief that they are sufficient without God, that science is all they need. They deny the possibility that God gave them the very thing they pride in.

    I guess the answer is pretty easy. As a believer, I am to react with prayer (Phil 4:6), as God is ultimately the one who can change the heart. No Bible rocket science there.

    So if you will, please join me in prayer for every individual who sees this video so that God may receive glory from their faith.