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    • Christians get hot in the summer!
      It’s approaching the time of year when the sun shines high and bright. You know what that means… time to whip out that summer attire! Of course this post isn’t about having fun in the sun. It’s about the (confusingly […]
    • Spiritual Gifts
      To quote myself in a chat with Krystal, “Life would be much easier if spiritual gifts were like… flying and stuff.”
    • The Malignancy of Sin
      Hell makes a lot more sense when you get past the elementary understanding of “eternal fire.” The thing that really burns in Hell is often misunderstood.
  • So many mixed emotions

    I think God’s thrown a curveball into my life… and an interesting one. There’s just such a large number of different things going on in my life right now, like bag of jellybeans with a mix of good, bad, okay, and weird flavors.

    • Right now I’m listening to Wounded by Shane & Shane. It’s really soothing, and brings out my desire for God to heal me every single day. And it’s helping me relax through all the hustle and bustle going on.
    • Today (May 11th) I will be performing piano in front of three judges and an audience… I feel like I’m pretty prepared as of tonight, but also feel the impending doom that I’ll horribly screw up during the performance. I’m not worried about it, but I will naturally get nervous right before it’s my turn, and my right foot will spaz out during the performance like it did during the semi-finals. Bah!
    • Audris’ friend committed suicide this past week. This brought back memories of when John Skinner took his own life. As I thought about it more through the day, I actually started feeling more and more emotional pain, even though I didn’t know this individual. This pain was trigged partly because I feel horrible for Audris, having to go through this experience. Another part of the pain comes from knowing the consequences of sin… a truth that I despise and don’t want to believe, yet I accept.
    • I’ve been inundated with work at Tapulous, and slapping on additional work from other commitments I’ve made is a bit nerve-racking. Luckily, I enjoy working at Tapulous. I’m also making a decent salary, and found that the best part of making money is being able to give it away. Like free iPods for people who went to my birthday party. But I’ll leave that for a separate post.
    • Creative Writing is an awesome class. Despite the fact that my writing skills are the ultimate suck, I have a great teacher, and I’ve actually been learning! Doesn’t happen for me very often in English classes.
    • I am forever excited for each year of CBM Camp. The time for nature’s fresh air, red dirt, creaky cabins, camp food, and a giant dose of spiritual goodness. I feel like I’ve had tons of spiritual growth this year, and I want to share that with the campers and other counselors.
    • I’ve been basking in the pros of staying in my parents’ house. But I’ve got to survive on my own sometime, and now that I have what seems to be a steady and solid job, it seems like the right time to start considering moving out.
    • Jarod jokes that I’m a predator1, and Adonis said I should go to Masters for a year to find a girl. Those two make me laugh. The most plausible place to find a partner at this point would be church, but I’ve already known most of the church girls for a long time, and there aren’t too many to begin with at FBC. Maybe God has plans for me to fly solo!

    Yeah, so my life is mixed right now. There are many more jellybeans than what I listed above. But I thank God for each and every one of them, and I want to entrust every aspect of my life to His wisdom.

    God’s jellybeans ftw!

    1Apparently some concern rose around this comment I made four years ago. To give it proper context, Jarod was making the joke in stark contrast to the fact that I rarely pursued anyone in the first place. (June 18, 2013)