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  • Spiritual Gifts

    Truth be told, I never really cared about spiritual gifts.

    It’s one of those subjects most of us just sit through. We hear about, maybe even fill out a nifty little form that supposedly helps determine what the gift is, but like chaff, our interest is weak and temporal. This is dangerous. In God’s kingdom, we may very well have an artist doing a plumber’s job, a plumber doing a manager’s job, a manager doing an engineer’s job, and God forbid, an engineer doing an artist’s job. Fact is, there is an optimal way to build His kingdom (Romans 12:3-8), and we best not waddle around in His presence not knowing what He’s given us.

    I never really knew what my spiritual gift was. I assumed it was the ability to lead worship and provide monetary support. Those are the two talents I grew up with – making music and money. To quote myself in a chat with Krystal, “Life would be much easier if spiritual gifts were like… flying and stuff.”

    In the past month, I’ve been faced with a new conviction. There’s a certain part of me, deep in my unexplored persona, where a potential spiritual gift has been contained, something that both excites me and makes me want to run for my life.

    And it is this – teaching and exhortation. Wait, what? Crazy talk. Seriously Ernest. You’ve barely ever taught God’s word and have only given maybe two Sunday school lessons! Oh yeah, not to mention that you barely know the Bible for a kid who grew up in church.

    Okay. Maybe I am crazy, but there exists reason for this insanity. In the past three years at CBM camp, I would have opportunities to lead cabin devotions. Here’s the thing – everyone would listen. Like, pay attention and soak it in kind of listen. I could see it on their faces and in their tears. I’d watch as they took in the passion of Christ, discovering the grandeur of their God.

    I recently gave a devotion in our college fellowship. Afterwards, God graciously led a few individuals to thank me for sharing what was on my heart. One of my friends who hates reading even took conviction to heart and began studying the book of Matthew.

    This anomaly makes no sense. I have little experience in speaking and preaching, yet I seem to possess the ability to teach and exhort. The most plausible explanation for this is God. Are these spiritual gifts God has bestowed on me? I don’t know yet. But some thoughts have been stirring in my head… What if I end up teaching something wrong and lead people astray? Is not stricter judgement reserved for those who teach?

    I guess the wisest thing to do now is pray and let God reveal whether or not my convictions are what I think they are.