by Ernest Liu
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  • Random Snippets
    • Loss for Words…
      There have been so many deaths lately, some suicides, I don't really even know what to pray for anymore.
    • Pray for Japan
      Why pray for Japan when you could be donating money to help the cause, or giving blood to save lives?
    • You Know What’s Underrated?
      You know what's underrated? The small things.
  • Spiritual Growth & More

    I’ve been doing some general thinking about this past year. Honestly, I’m pretty satisfied with how I’ve been growing spiritually. I definitely wish I were further in my spiritual walk, but I’m content with how much wisdom Christ has graced me with this past year. I’ve read the Bible probably more than I have in all my previous life. And I’ve meditated on it much more.

    Right now I wish that the teens in FBC could have a large growth in their spiritual walk. In this day and age, the American church has grown so weak in faith and has fled so far from the Bible. I pray for our teens to grow strong, that there be a regeneration and a rekindling in the faithful youth. These past few days, I realized how sad I was to see high schoolers graduate. Because when they graduate, that’ll be the the last time we’ll see some of them. Many will go off and pursue a life without Christ and never consider Him again.

    Last night I had a good talk with Steven, Jess and Kaitlin. I left that conversation a bit refreshed, knowing that there are a few young individuals who actually care about God. I mean, really care about God. Not just, you know, “yeah I believe in God,” but care. That there are faithful individuals that actually do their devotions and evangelize.

    This past year, I’ve also seen the result of faithful prayer, and have never been more confident in the power of faithful prayer.

    And as weird as it seems, I’ve also been praying for a life with more obstacles. Everything for the past twenty years has almost been spoon-fed to me, and I don’t want life to be so easy that I become complacent in my life and my spiritual walk. Because anyone who’s studied the Bible knows that it is easier for a camel to enter the needle of an eye than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

    So, pray for the youth, pray for me, and pray for those I evangelize to. Thanks.