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  • You Know What’s Underrated?


    *during a conversation*

    Mike: That’s overrated.
    Kim: Dude, you think everything’s overrated.
    Mike: What, no! Okay. You know what’s underrated?


    Mike: The small things.

    My roommate was right. It’s usually the bigger things that get appreciated. The pastor’s heart-piercing message, the fantastic worship sets, or the fancy food at Thanksgiving banquets. But little things go a long way. Because at its core, they’re not little at all. It takes a big heart to do the little things. So here’s a tribute to those that do the little things.


    When this guy was going to high school fellowship, he’d always help set up chairs. Without being asked. In fact, he was the one always asking if and how he could help. Though he is younger than me, I look up to this man, for he has a heart of a servant.

    Also, Roger is always reliable and responsive. Whenever asked if he wants to join for an activity, if he’s not sure, he’ll go find out if he’s available. He’ll always come back with a solid answer within 24 hours. Roger doesn’t just give a “maybe” so he can bail if more fun/interesting activities come his way. He commits. I’ve tried to emulate his honorable qualities in hopes of learning how to respect others like he does.

    Pastor Vince

    He’ll rebuke me out of love, and he always does so with a gentle heart. To have a friend who will pull you aside and point out areas of your life that need to be changed for God’s glory is priceless. Better is open rebuke than hidden love.


    She prods me all the time to make sure I’m meeting the newcomers at church. This tiny act is big, because she’s encouraging me to step out of my comfort bubble and love those I do not know. In doing this, she displays her own love for them.

    Veronica also prods me all the time to sign up for church membership. It’s a great reminder to apply, given that I’ve put it off for years.


    This little bundle of excitement is always finding ways to encourage her siblings in Christ. Recently, she quietly asked people in fellowship what they thought of me, then compiled a list and gave it to me. This uplifting list was accompanied by Scriptural encouragement.

    Faith is also willing to challenge me and push for higher expectations. She’s given many great suggestions for corporate singing. Friday night worship has gotten better because of her willingness to speak up.


    In the years that I’ve served on Gordon’s worship team, I’ve been late to practice a few too many times. In a couple instances, I just flat out missed practice. Surprisingly, Gordon has always been patient and slow to anger. His small act of mercy motivated me to become more reliable and dependable out of honor and respect for him.


    She is definitely one of the most compassionate and considerate women I’ve ever met. One time during Sunday service, she looked over to the right as a person coughed. She then stood up in the middle of the message and left the sanctuary. Moments later, she returned with a cup of water and gave it to the coughing individual. It was such a small, unexpected, and loving act.

    Pastor Steve & Pastor Kevin

    They’ll wash the dishes while everyone else is chatting away at fellowship. Men of big character? I think so. And I’m sure they’d say it’s no big deal.


    When you let people borrow movies, the only thing you expect from them is to return it when they’re done. Not with Kayla. She’s returned my Doctor Who discs with little hand-made thank-you gifts. And they’re amazing!


    This is a mere snippet of the underrated acts. There are many more things from many more people, and if I had the time and energy to list it all, I would. Thank you all for your faithfulness and loving kindness, whether mentioned or not.